About InterMarketing Ltd

InterMarketing Ltd was set up in 2021 to target SME’s in Dubai. It is a sister company of an already estabalished business in the United Kingdom called MobilePhoneApps Ltd.

MPA Ltd was set up in 2014 to design and submit business apps, to the App Store and Google Play. MPA have created a number of apps for various industries and specialise in wholesale re-ordering apps, which are proving popular created from scratch, from initial idea to completion. After first 6 months of trading, there was a high demand to carry out, full digital marketing services from various SME’s. MPA offer a full digital marketing service which includes Hybrid Apps, Native Apps, Bespoke High Quality Websites, Software Development, E-Commerce Websites, Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design etc…with personal management. The USP of this business is that we offer a full account management service, with personal face to face visits, ensuring we deliver a service above and beyond what our customers expect.

MPA Ltd sees a gap in the market place in Dubai and this is why they have set up InterMarketing Ltd. This company will operate from Manchester UK for the time being until there is enough business accounts in Dubai to justify an office to cater for local Dubai businesses. All our staff for the time being are based in UK and we believe what sets us apart is our professional customer service and prompt attention to all our accounts. You will be dealing with a UK born executive from start to finish.

A Global Service With Local Communication!

At InterMarketing Ltd, we have worked with clients all around the world! Our newest advancement into Dubai, UAE means we can serve even more leading businesses, and our services can help and assist even more people.

But, we also prioritise those all-important local touches in our service as well. So, at InterMarketing Ltd, you will always be speaking and working with a UK-based team. Communication is essential for both our clients and us.

You won’t be working with any foreign developers or outside organisations. At InterMarketing Ltd, everything comes through our UK-based team. We are proud of the amazing work we do, and you can join our portfolio of happy, satisfied customers today!

From the UK to Dubai, UAE the InterMarketing Ltd team provide a vast array of digital services to help your business reach its full potential. To find out more about how we can help you feel free to explore our website or get in touch for more information.

Why use InterMarketing Ltd ? 

At InterMarketing Ltd, you’ll find all the fantastic digital services you could need! We offer professional website design, web development, e-commerce service, app development, branding and much more.

InterMarketing Ltd’s sister company in the UK MobilePhoneApps Ltd is already an incredibly successful business in the UK. We have helped many companies grow and develop by offering them only the best service. We are  expanding our business across the globe to Dubai, UAE.

The InterMarketing Ltd team is also, incredibly experienced and highly qualified. So, we can help you with all manner of work in many different fields. Whatever your project, you can be sure it will be delivered on time and to the highest standards.

InterMarketing Ltd is a team you can count on no matter what job you’re looking for! We work fast by ensuring the highest possible standards at all times. Your project will be delivered on time, and we offer fair and competitive prices.

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!

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