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We can help with the design and development of many different types of app at Intermarketing Ltd. But one of our most popular services is our mobile wholesale ordering apps Dubai, UAE. These apps are designed to make the ordering process simpler for both businesses and customers.

With our mobile wholesale ordering apps Dubai, UAE service you can get a bespoke app that allows users to more quickly and efficiently place orders. There is no need to look through catalogues of products with one of our wholesale ordering apps.

With our mobile wholesale ordering apps Dubai, UAE service you will get a unique app designed to match your business-specific products. Speeding up the order process will be sure to help you boost sales and with the Intermarketing Ltd team developing and designing the app it will be sure to capture your businesses unique brand identity.

Customers will be able to reorder products easily and save previous transactions. Every time they go back to the app they will have a speedier more optimal performance to look forward to! Our “quick order” feature also allows customers to quickly see previously ordered products as well.

Then re-ordering them again can be done with just the push of a button. One the order is complete both you and your customer will receive a notice of confirmation so you can easily keep admin up to date. Simple and easy to use but very in-depth our bespoke wholesale ordering apps can benefit a wide-range of Dubai-based businesses.

Our Wholesale Ordering App Features

With our mobile wholesale ordering apps Dubai, UAE service you can get a high-quality unique app that will give you a great variety of features. We’ve listed some of the main features of our wholesale apps below.

  • The ability to quickly send information to users.
  • Easy to use push notifications.
  • The ability to quickly update and edit information.
  • You can upload staff profiles and business information.
  • Produce and send digital versions of newsletters and leaflets.
  • Built-in support for multiple different currencies and language.
  • An in-depth Report Management (RMS) and Content Management System (CMS)
  • Innovative shopping cart development features.






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