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Our Approach

At InterMarketing Ltd we provide an in-depth approach to our work. We don’t tell you what you need we listen to what you want and then go from there! This approach allows us to better serve our clients and ensure the end result is something you are 100% satisfied with. So, let’s go through our approach bit by bit.

The Meeting

The first part of our approach is meeting with any prospective client. This allows us to get to know you and for you to know us! We can also talk in more detail about what you want and advise you on how we can make it a reality.
The meeting stage of our approach is a chance for both us and you to get to know each other and to better understand how the work will be done. A face to face meeting is always beneficial but, we understand that isn’t always possible so, we can meet and talk over the phone or through video calls as well.

Designing the Strategy

After our initial meeting, we will get to work on designing the strategy for what you need. During this time, we will work on estimates of timescales and costs so, you will know exactly how the work will proceed. If you find these agreeable we will then start work.

Getting Started

This is likely to be the longest part of our approach because it’s when the work is done. We will always stay in touch with you and be happy to provide regular updates. You can also get in touch with us if you have any questions.


Once the work is done you may wish to make use of our follow-up services! We offer numerous ongoing support services that you can utilise continuously over long periods of time.
So, that is our approach! When you are working with the InterMarketing Ltd team, you can be sure of high-quality work at all stages from the initial meeting to the final touches.

Don’t hesitate ask us about our work!

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